06 Jan

Data Collection Technology by Microsoft Pivot Viewer

Pivot Viewer

Microsoft Live Labs technology that helps to explore the web which you have never done before. Pivot Viewer to view relationships between “collections” of individual information on the the web, slice and dice it to see the results in no time.

Download it here

The more features can be explore by this link to Microsoft Pivot viewer website.

Power Pivot

The Power Pivot, a BI tool to be used with the Microsoft Excel to explore the data visually is also a powerful tool provided Free by Microsoft.

Microsoft Power Pivot download.

Tableau Public

Another data visualization tool is Tableau Software Public edition for the website data.

For more details and download Tableau Public


16 Dec

Emails settings for Godaddy

To Configure POP for Your Email Account in Mail Client Software, Microsoft Outlook.

In the client for which you want to configure POP, locate the POP settings and enter the following:

Username :        Your full email address
Password :         Your email account password
Incoming POP Mail Server             :   pop.secureserver.net 
Incoming IMAP Mail Server         :   imap.secureserver.net

Outgoing Mail Server :     smtpout.secureserver.net
Incoming Port :         Without SSL – 110       OR   With SSL – 995
Outgoing Port :         Without SSL – one of the following 25, 80, 3535, 587   OR       With SSL – 465

For OUTLOOK 2010, follow this link.

Microsoft Outlook 2007, follow this link:


27 Jun

Cloud backup

The backup in the cloud for the file sharing is required for the personal and business usage. Few must have tool to maintain the cloud backups are listed below, I’ve tried and using these tools for file sharing.

1.S3 ExplorerCloudBerry Lab (free for Amazon Free tier s3 storage – 5GB)

You can connect with Amazon S3 Storage account and maintain your folder and files, requires an Amazon s3 account.


2. JungleDisk or Cloud Files by Rackspace

It’s a paid software but provides encrypted data storage at a very nominal price, you can store data with Rackspace cloud files account.

3. Mozy by EMC

If you have high volume of data storage, then it’s a good tool to keep the personal and business data.

4. Google Drive

If you have a gmail account or Google Apps User then you can sync the data free upto 5GB.
5. Box.net

Box.net has an excellent features of collaboration along with the 5 GB free storage, they are giving away 10GB for IPAD /IPhone till 31 Dec, 2012.
6. DropBox

DropBox providing the storage of 5GB to start and keep on increasing by referring to your friends.

22 Mar

Cloud Providers

There are plenty of cloud hosting provider which declares the cloud hosting, few of them are truly provides the cloud hosting with the elasticity or scalability of servers, storage and network.

I’m listing few with reliable hosting, storage and network, support

Rackspace has a proven track record in the hosting industry with fanatical support and their cloud offerings are Cloud Servers, Cloud Sites, Cloud Files.

Amazon is also an innovating company and their cloud offerings are Amazon EC2 platform, S3 platform for storage.

Softlayer provide the Cloud hosting and managed services after the acquisition of thePlanet.

Joyent is providing the Cloud hosting, which they call it smart machines.

ZuniCore and Stormondemand is new to this space and let see how they differentiate in the market.

OpSource is a Dimension data company and provides public and private cloud option for especially SaaS (Software as a service) offering companies.

The Cloud hosting can handles the web traffic spikes without manually adding server, storage or bandwidth like dedicated hosting.

You can share your personal experiences about Cloud providers and their services.




19 Dec

MapReduce++: Simplified Processing of Unstructured Data on Large Computing Clouds

There are several national ICT R&D Funding projects are available by ministry of Information technology, Pakistan.

The list is available at http://www.ictrdf.org.pk/

The MapReduce++ is the project of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore by Dr. Umar Saif related to simplified processing of unstructured data on large computing clouds. The similar project launched by Google MapReduce in 2004 to support distributed computing on large data sets on clusters of computers.

The project Hadoop is the implementation of MapReduce and  software framework for writing applications that rapidly process vast amounts of data in parallel on large clusters of compute nodes.

The Cloudera company which is successful in providing the services and software based on Hadoop for the management of the cloud.


15 Dec

Configure outlook for Google Apps Email

Microsoft OUTLOOK Email Settings.

To add the account in the outlook >

Tools -> Account Settings
Select the New to add a new account and select the POP3 or IMAP (if you want to sync the email with your email client and web mail)

Email Servers >
POP:     pop.googlemail.com
IMAP:    imap.googlemail.com  (to use the imap, enable it by logging into web mail and go to settings)
SMTP:     smtp.googlemail.com

Advanced settings >
POP SSL Enabled and Port: 993
IMAP SSL ENABLED and port: 995
SMTP: SSL and PORT: 465

How you can access the Google Apps webmail
to access the email.

To access the documents.

to access the calendar to share it with our team members.

(replace the domain.com with your actual website address.)

30 Oct

Website browser test and color chooser

Adobe has launched a fantastic tools to check your website compatibility in different internet browsers

without installing it at your computer.

https://browserlab.adobe.com/en-us/index.html (requires an Adobe ID)

For Choosing the color combination for the website design is a difficult task.

You can use online tool to choose the color combination for your website.







20 Oct

Top SaaS companies list

The cloud or Software as a service application development most companies are getting huge success in the cloud.

The top companies list are as follow.

Google, NetSuite, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, Boomi now Dell, yahoo etc.

The top 50 SaaS companies list at


I will write more about these Companies Applications Success in the next article.



10 Oct

Cloud services

There are mainly three form of cloud services.

1. IaaS – Cloud Infrastructure (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), It is related to IT infrastructure services provided by the Cloud Hosting providers, Servers, Storage and Networks.

I’ve listed the few Cloud Hosting Providers

Amazon EC2 and S3, Rackspace or Mosso Cloud, Softlayer, Joyent and GoGrid

2. PaaS – Platform-as-a-service, It is related to application development environment provided to develop the software application ready for the cloud. e.g Application development software, middle ware and data access.

Few PaaS providers are: Google Apps Engine, Microsoft Azure Platform, Salesforce Force.com, LongJump and Wolf framework etc.

3. SaaS – Software-as-a-service: The SaaS model is to deliver the software applications via Cloud delivery model.

  • Collaborative Applications
  • Content Applications
  • Enterprise Resource Management Applications
  • Supply Chain Management Applications
  • Operations and Manufacturing Applications
  • Engineering Applications
  • Customer Relationship Management Applications

Few of the SaaS companies are Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, Google Apps, Zoho, Salesforce.com (CRM) and SMBonCloud is our own SaaS service.

10 Oct

Cloud Overview

Cloud Computing is an old model (Utility services) of delivering services, which got hype in the market nowadays and consider as future computing services model.

Cloud Computing refers to both the applications delivered as services over the public Internet and the hardware and systems software in the data centers that provide those services.

There are main three (3) cloud deployment models.

1. Private – It refers to cloud deployment inside the boundaries of an organization by using it’s own IT resources.

The Forrester Research article related to private cloud deployment.  Deliver Clouds inside your walls

2. Public – It refers to public internet available for everyone to use those IT services and applications delivered via internet.

3. Hybrid – The mix of both worlds (Private + Public) to deliver the IT services to their internal organization and partners.