15 Dec

Configure outlook for Google Apps Email

Microsoft OUTLOOK Email Settings.

To add the account in the outlook >

Tools -> Account Settings
Select the New to add a new account and select the POP3 or IMAP (if you want to sync the email with your email client and web mail)

Email Servers >
POP:     pop.googlemail.com
IMAP:    imap.googlemail.com  (to use the imap, enable it by logging into web mail and go to settings)
SMTP:     smtp.googlemail.com

Advanced settings >
POP SSL Enabled and Port: 993
IMAP SSL ENABLED and port: 995
SMTP: SSL and PORT: 465

How you can access the Google Apps webmail
to access the email.

To access the documents.

to access the calendar to share it with our team members.

(replace the domain.com with your actual website address.)