22 Mar

Cloud Providers

There are plenty of cloud hosting provider which declares the cloud hosting, few of them are truly provides the cloud hosting with the elasticity or scalability of servers, storage and network.

I’m listing few with reliable hosting, storage and network, support

Rackspace has a proven track record in the hosting industry with fanatical support and their cloud offerings are Cloud Servers, Cloud Sites, Cloud Files.

Amazon is also an innovating company and their cloud offerings are Amazon EC2 platform, S3 platform for storage.

Softlayer provide the Cloud hosting and managed services after the acquisition of thePlanet.

Joyent is providing the Cloud hosting, which they call it smart machines.

ZuniCore and Stormondemand is new to this space and let see how they differentiate in the market.

OpSource is a Dimension data company and provides public and private cloud option for especially SaaS (Software as a service) offering companies.

The Cloud hosting can handles the web traffic spikes without manually adding server, storage or bandwidth like dedicated hosting.

You can share your personal experiences about Cloud providers and their services.