20 Oct
Future of Retail

Future of Retail

Retailers in the world are faced with a host of challenges. Even before the pandemic, many brick and mortar retailers were struggling. Today, as we move from the national lock downs into new psychological and social terrain, shoppers will be worried about whether to maximize their susceptibility to the virus by entering malls.

The Store is a Stage

Rolling through main firms today, you see a lot of initiative to minimize interaction and restrict crowds. Retailers beyond the core group need to think of space as a service — a show where the “front of the house” is serene, while the “back of the house” embraces the dynamic maneuvers that take place on stage.
Furthermore, since contact-less shopping would be a modern normal, retailers should start turning at other sectors that already provide comparable services. When you can schedule a dinner reservation at 7:30 a.m., why can’t you schedule a shopping trip at 6:30 a.m. nearby? From yoga studios to therapists, a wide range of companies are already using digital reservation systems. People will be reluctant to wait for casual shopping in long, socially distanced lines, so make the experience easier.

Experiences can be both touch-less and tactile.

The largest breakthrough space is in the area of experiential escapes. For several, these words carry together associations with VR headphones.

When we re-evaluate the rooms, the texture, the atmosphere, the sound, and the smell should take center stage. Many of our best impressions of places are not visual but embodied: the cold warmth of the walls, the sound of space, the smoothness of the carpet beneath your feet.

Digital Perception as Collective Memory

Brands can participate in media that can express the experience of using their goods. New motion modeling capabilities allow us to capture sensory information and construct new realities. Technology may also create associations by making any customer feel like they have a personal shopper who has favorite products put in a dressing room as they arrive or who can recommend related pieces based on past purchases.
The longer retailers wait to integrate these types of features into their design flow, the more opportunities they will miss.

The retail world is constantly changing with new technology

• Luxury retail will undergo a drastic transformation within the next 20 years.
• Luxury brands of the future are platforms for personalized and unique experience.
• Consumers deserve to be customized and to have an exclusive experience.

High-end retail will move to allow for more customization and individual experience customized to suit the needs of each individual. How one customer communicates with and wears a luxury brand may be entirely different than how another person interacts with and wears a brand.

The website will become a destination where consumers can access customized assistance. Instead of only seeing fashion products, consumers will be able to engage with the brand and gain familiarity with recommendations and technology-driven contact, unlike everyone else.

02 Dec

TimeTrax – Cloud HCM Software

ITBVision partners with EfroTech to provide the best HCM software for Business in United Arab Emirates to increase the HR Productivity and Employee Performance.

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03 Jan

Microsoft Dynamics 365

In today’s fast paced environment companies are struggling hard to compete with their business rivals. The right company’s software has become the key element in business success. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a powerful platform to perform your business operations more efficiently. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the cloud based ERP and CRM system and part of the Microsoft Dynamics family. Dynamics 365 is designed to help you get control over your business operations.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 was launched in July 2016 that is basically a cloud service. Microsoft combined cloud CRM and ERP services at one place through Dynamics 365. As your business grows you can add more applications in Dynamics 365 to manage different business field e.g. sales, project services, marketing etc.


Some great Features

Data Loader

Microsoft introduced a new Data Loader service in Dynamics 365. The data loader feature would enable users to perform bulk import and export data operations more efficiently. The main purpose of this feature is to perform large data files upload with ease.


Visual Scheduling

The visual scheduling feature would allow assignment and re-assignment of a specific job to a resource. It will possible to switch a job to another resource with ease.


On Hand Mobile App

Microsoft also aims to introduce On hand view app for mobile that would be accessible anytime and anywhere. The main aim of this app is to enable viewing of license plates, scan numbers, pending material, reserved material etc on hand. The people belonging to warehouse, purchasing, sales, manufacturing, management, and other roles will get an easy and quick mobile insight.


Warehouse App

The mobile warehouse app is also designed to perform warehouse operations easily. You do not need to download warehouse portal even because it will connect to the dynamics 365 existing business logic.


Employment in different entities at the same time

In current ERP system or software a person could become the part of only one project at the same time. In dynamics 365 Microsoft introduced new feature in which a person can get employment in different legal entities at the same time.

28 Dec
Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 for your business

Office 365

Office 365 was first launched 5 years back in June 28th 2011. Microsoft developed Office 365 platform to provide Office, online services, email facility, Lync and SharePoint at one place. In start Office 365 was just launched for small business and enterprises. The small businesses were offered email, Lynch for conference and Voip, SharePoint hosting along with office web apps. The enterprise package had all the small business features along with Office 2010 professional and 24/7 phone support.


Office 365 Features

ITBVision also provides you email hosting facility for Office 365 at discounted rate of just $8 to $23. A complete Office 365 offers various products and services to its users that includes

Users Integration

Office 365 provides an online portal to its users that make it easy for you to manage and configure different components. It can also run for single user but if you need more users then they can be added manually or through csv simply.


Microsoft Office Application

Office 365 provides access to all the Microsoft Office applications for both windows and Mac. All the updates related to the office are downloaded automatically. You can access your all office applications such as word, excel or power point and outlook.


Access from anywhere

Office 365 facilitates you to access your application from anywhere and anytime with internet access. All the documents are stored in the cloud that enables them to be viewed by all the organizations members any time. The other best point is that all the files are updated side by side so all the other people will always see the updated version of the document rather than previous one.


Hosted Services

Office 365 offers hosted services such as share point at your door step. In SharePoint online all the files are transferred over cloud. It also takes care about all the file versioning and restricts if more than two people try to edit the same file at the same time. Office 365 also includes different office web apps and Skype.

ITBVision also provides support to its users depending upon your business needs. If you need more details then you can contact us.

01 Jun

Rackspace Cloud Hosting Services Dubai

Rackspace_Data_CentreCloud hosting is changing the way traditional hosting is done for various websites. It provides hosting services on virtual servers for the websites. Cloud makes it self-available as a service rather than product which allow you to get extra benefits like you only need to pay for what you use.

When you talk about Cloud Hosting services then ITBVision FZC Dubai is the name you can trust. At ITBVision FZC Dubai we use world class Rackspace services to provide you best cloud hosting services like never before. Rackspace is the #1 managed cloud company for providing best cloud hosting services to its clients.

ITBVision FZC Dubai utilizes the services of Rackspace email hosting to provide best user experience to you and your clients. We provide you 24/7 monitoring and support for cloud hosting so you can pay attention to your critical business issues in a better way.

We provide you cloud hosting solutions you were looking for your business. ITBVision FZC Dubai facilitates you for one click deployments of open source platform like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento through Rackspace data centers. We allow you to deploy sites in minutes.

Our services help you to manage, run and support all of your workloads efficiently providing your users with an outstanding cloud hosting experience that they desire. ITBVision FZC Dubai gives you the freedom to pay attention to your critical business issues and put us to work on your cloud hosting needs. Get more details about our Cloud Hosting Services from here.

08 Apr

Can consulting services help small business grow?

This is the first question that would cross your mind when talking about consulting services and their impact upon small business growth…

The demand for professional consultants is booming and to keep moving in this fast paced world small business need consulting services to address their business critical issues and overcome them in a more professional and strategic way. Things are getting harder for the next tier however consulting firms are playing a very positive role in this regard.

Consulting firms show off their big ideas to organizations looking for advice that in return results in accelerating business growth and performance. A better consulting service can redefine your business process and strategy.

Impact of consulting service over small business

This is a sad fact that many small enterprises in developing countries are lacking in business skills that are not able to get maximum returns from their business investment. They should consider getting help from consulting services to bring remarkable change in their business success. Consulting professionals and experts having years of experience provides an enhanced understanding and insight on a particular business situation. They share their knowledge and technology to help you achieve your business goals the right way.

Consulting services focus on the factors and issues which are bottleneck in small business growth thus the impact of consulting on a business is quite large. They can improve your business productivity in a very efficient way so those who opt-in may be the one who get benefit.

In a nut shell consulting service is all about bringing positive changes in the overall business environment. Consulting firms know the secret of bringing success efficiently and effectively. The overall impact of consulting services over business performance is long run. Micro, small and large enterprises can get significant high return from their investment.

13 Nov

Build your Online Store with Bigcommerce

ITBVision Partners with BigCommerce

Reseller Badge - Medium

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve officially joined forces with Bigcommerce:

Build your online Store to offer you the best E-­Commerce experience available. We’ll now be building retail sites on the fastest-growing E-­Commerce platform in the world.

Why did we partner with Bigcommerce?

Your Business can take advantage to go online in less time with tons of Built in features to build beautiful, effective E‐commerce sites that are optimized for Google and other Search engines. And their built-in Admin Control Panel make it easy for you to manage and market your store once it’s built.



28 May

Cloud hosting with Rackspace

We’re using the world class cloud hosting services provided by Rackspace Inc.  When it comes to worry free hosting services with 1-Click deployments of popular open source applications WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, Rackspace knows hosting data centers so you can focus on your business. You can watch their data center video.

02 May

PSD to HTML is alive or dead

The PSD to HTML concept is used many years by the designers to convert the mockups designs in the Adobe photoshop by using slicing tools. The refine the design in the front end tools like Adobe dreamweaver and create the CSS file for formating the pages. Question is that this concept of PSD 2 HTML is alive or dead? by the advancement in the Web standards. Nowadays this concept is used to create the images assets to used in the Website. Jquery to change the look and feel of the Web.

07 Jan

Popular Web front end frameworks

It’s a debate on web front end frameworks used for professional website development.

I’m introducing you with the popular frameworks used for website front end development for responsive websites that adapts for mobiles, tablets and desktop computers use:


If you want to build a mobile only website, then learn these