01 Jun

Rackspace Cloud Hosting Services Dubai

Rackspace_Data_CentreCloud hosting is changing the way traditional hosting is done for various websites. It provides hosting services on virtual servers for the websites. Cloud makes it self-available as a service rather than product which allow you to get extra benefits like you only need to pay for what you use.

When you talk about Cloud Hosting services then ITBVision FZC Dubai is the name you can trust. At ITBVision FZC Dubai we use world class Rackspace services to provide you best cloud hosting services like never before. Rackspace is the #1 managed cloud company for providing best cloud hosting services to its clients.

ITBVision FZC Dubai utilizes the services of Rackspace email hosting to provide best user experience to you and your clients. We provide you 24/7 monitoring and support for cloud hosting so you can pay attention to your critical business issues in a better way.

We provide you cloud hosting solutions you were looking for your business. ITBVision FZC Dubai facilitates you for one click deployments of open source platform like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento through Rackspace data centers. We allow you to deploy sites in minutes.

Our services help you to manage, run and support all of your workloads efficiently providing your users with an outstanding cloud hosting experience that they desire. ITBVision FZC Dubai gives you the freedom to pay attention to your critical business issues and put us to work on your cloud hosting needs. Get more details about our Cloud Hosting Services from here.

08 Apr

Can consulting services help small business grow?

This is the first question that would cross your mind when talking about consulting services and their impact upon small business growth…

The demand for professional consultants is booming and to keep moving in this fast paced world small business need consulting services to address their business critical issues and overcome them in a more professional and strategic way. Things are getting harder for the next tier however consulting firms are playing a very positive role in this regard.

Consulting firms show off their big ideas to organizations looking for advice that in return results in accelerating business growth and performance. A better consulting service can redefine your business process and strategy.

Impact of consulting service over small business

This is a sad fact that many small enterprises in developing countries are lacking in business skills that are not able to get maximum returns from their business investment. They should consider getting help from consulting services to bring remarkable change in their business success. Consulting professionals and experts having years of experience provides an enhanced understanding and insight on a particular business situation. They share their knowledge and technology to help you achieve your business goals the right way.

Consulting services focus on the factors and issues which are bottleneck in small business growth thus the impact of consulting on a business is quite large. They can improve your business productivity in a very efficient way so those who opt-in may be the one who get benefit.

In a nut shell consulting service is all about bringing positive changes in the overall business environment. Consulting firms know the secret of bringing success efficiently and effectively. The overall impact of consulting services over business performance is long run. Micro, small and large enterprises can get significant high return from their investment.

13 Nov

Build your Online Store with Bigcommerce

ITBVision Partners with BigCommerce

Reseller Badge - Medium

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve officially joined forces with Bigcommerce:

Build your online Store to offer you the best E-­Commerce experience available. We’ll now be building retail sites on the fastest-growing E-­Commerce platform in the world.

Why did we partner with Bigcommerce?

Your Business can take advantage to go online in less time with tons of Built in features to build beautiful, effective E‐commerce sites that are optimized for Google and other Search engines. And their built-in Admin Control Panel make it easy for you to manage and market your store once it’s built.



28 May

Cloud hosting with Rackspace

We’re using the world class cloud hosting services provided by Rackspace Inc.  When it comes to worry free hosting services with 1-Click deployments of popular open source applications WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, Rackspace knows hosting data centers so you can focus on your business. You can watch their data center video.

02 May

PSD to HTML is alive or dead

The PSD to HTML concept is used many years by the designers to convert the mockups designs in the Adobe photoshop by using slicing tools. The refine the design in the front end tools like Adobe dreamweaver and create the CSS file for formating the pages. Question is that this concept of PSD 2 HTML is alive or dead? by the advancement in the Web standards. Nowadays this concept is used to create the images assets to used in the Website. Jquery to change the look and feel of the Web.

07 Jan

Popular Web front end frameworks

It’s a debate on web front end frameworks used for professional website development.

I’m introducing you with the popular frameworks used for website front end development for responsive websites that adapts for mobiles, tablets and desktop computers use:


If you want to build a mobile only website, then learn these


26 Jul

Virtualization intro

Virtualization is to divide the computer hardware resources virtually by the hypervisors and save the IT cost of the buying the new servers.

Forms of Virtualization:

  • Server virtualization
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Storage virtualization


21 May

Aptech Computer Education Wah Cantt Center

Aptech Ltd. established in 1986 and has globally trained over 6.4 million students. Aptech is an ISO 9001:2000 organization and the first IT Training and Education company to get this certification for Education Support Services in 1993.

Aptech Computer Education, Wah Cantt, Pakistan Center provides the quality IT training on latest technologies as per the industry needs. We share the Aptech vision to empower Pakistan through technology and committed to provide the Quality Computer Education to the students.

Visit Aptech Website: www.aptech-education.com.pk

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/aptechwah

Our Address: CB-49, Opp. CB Ground, GT Road, Wah Cantt, Pakistan.

Contact No: +92-51-4533668

06 Jan

Data Collection Technology by Microsoft Pivot Viewer

Pivot Viewer

Microsoft Live Labs technology that helps to explore the web which you have never done before. Pivot Viewer to view relationships between “collections” of individual information on the the web, slice and dice it to see the results in no time.

Download it here

The more features can be explore by this link to Microsoft Pivot viewer website.

Power Pivot

The Power Pivot, a BI tool to be used with the Microsoft Excel to explore the data visually is also a powerful tool provided Free by Microsoft.

Microsoft Power Pivot download.

Tableau Public

Another data visualization tool is Tableau Software Public edition for the website data.

For more details and download Tableau Public


16 Dec

Emails settings for Godaddy

To Configure POP for Your Email Account in Mail Client Software, Microsoft Outlook.

In the client for which you want to configure POP, locate the POP settings and enter the following:

Username :        Your full email address
Password :         Your email account password
Incoming POP Mail Server             :   pop.secureserver.net 
Incoming IMAP Mail Server         :   imap.secureserver.net

Outgoing Mail Server :     smtpout.secureserver.net
Incoming Port :         Without SSL – 110       OR   With SSL – 995
Outgoing Port :         Without SSL – one of the following 25, 80, 3535, 587   OR       With SSL – 465

For OUTLOOK 2010, follow this link.

Microsoft Outlook 2007, follow this link: